Online Shopping Kaise Kare (कैसे करे)?

Online Shopping Kaise Kare (कैसे करे)?

Online Shopping Kaise Kare (How to do?): If seen, this digital world has made our daily life much easier than before. Then whether it is about Online Shopping, recharge, bill payment, ticket booking, or any other online service which we can do from our mobile or computer sitting at home. Today on this topic we will know how to do online shopping. What are the benefits of online shopping and which website is right for online shopping?

For the first time, on doing online shopping from the Internet, there are many types of fears in our mind, that the product I bought may turn out to be bad. Don’t let any online shopping company cheat me. Which website is most secure for online shopping? How is the delivery of the product and how is the payment done? If you also have such questions in your mind, then just read this post till the end, you will get all the answers to your questions in it.

Although there are many benefits of doing “Online Shopping”, but still we should be very careful while doing online shopping on the Internet. Because there are thousands of such websites on the internet which have fooled many people. That’s why to do online shopping from those websites which are old and trusted. So let’s know what are the benefits of doing online shopping.

Saving time:

The first and foremost advantage is that by doing online shopping, your time is saved much more than shopping from the market. You have a fixed time to shop in the market, but you can do online shopping anytime, for this you do not need to take any separate time, you can place your order even while traveling.

Variety of Products:

We often do not get a complete array of products in the market or any shopping mall like- Sizes, Colors, etc. in Clothes. You get a complete variety of products by doing the same online shopping. Due to this, you do not have any problem getting the thing of your choice.

Cheap things:

You must have often seen that many things are cheap in other cities, but expensive in your town. This happens because along with the tax on the product, the shopkeeper also adds his profit. Due to this, the prices of the same product are different in different cities. On doing the same online shopping, the product directly reaches you through the company’s throw, which is why there is a vast difference between the price of the online bought product and the market product.

Home Delivery:

If you get your purchased goods sitting at home, then what would be better for you than this? This is also a great advantage of doing online shopping, just place the order and your favorite product will be at your home within a few days.

Product Return Policy:

If you do not understand the purchased product for any reason, then you can also return it within 30 days through the Product Return Policy. The product bought from the same market can only be exchanged.

Cash On Delivery:

If you are doing online shopping for the first time, then there must be a fear of money sinking or products getting spoiled while making online payments. To avoid this problem, you should choose the Cash On Delivery option when buying the product. Due to this, you will give the money for the purchased product only after getting the same.

Now you must have understood that there are many benefits of doing online shopping in today’s busy life. But along with the benefits, we should also avoid the loss of fraud due to this and for that it is necessary, to do online shopping only from the right and verified & trusted e-commerce site. While shopping online for the first time, choose the option of cash on delivery only. So let’s know which websites are best for online shopping.

Do online shopping from here – India’s Best Online Shopping Websites
The 6 India’s Best Online Shopping Websites We are going to tell you, that website is famous not only in India but all over the world for its better Online Shopping services. There are millions of satisfied customers of these websites, who do continuous shopping from them. So let’s know, which are those six famous online shopping websites.

snap deal

There are many other famous online shopping websites, such as Paytm Mall, ShopClues, etc. But on all these six websites, you will get a lot of quality and variety of the product. With which you can do online shopping openly. We will talk about one of these and learn how to do online shopping from Amazon. To do online shopping from any website, first, you have to register on it. For that you can take the help of your E-mail, so let’s first register on Amazon with your email id.

How to create an account on Amazon?
To do online shopping on Amazon, first, you must create an account on Amazon with the help of your email id. For that, first open Amazon’s website on your browser.

To create a new account, click on Start here next to New to Amazon.

👉Fill in some information to register.

Enter your full name.
Fill up the mobile number.
Enter your E-mail Address.
Now enter the password of at least 6 numbers.
And Click on Continue.
Now an OTP will come on your mobile, enter it here and click on the Verify button.

Take your new account that has been created on Amazon.

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